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about lala. female. 15 years old (going to be 16 this year). impatient, lazy, silly, and procrastinator. easily swayed, can't comprehend history and physic and bad at grammar. a girl who doesn't know who she wants to be, and still trying to search while struggling through her life.

loves chocolate, candy, sitcom, fanfiction, graphic talk, ocean, literature, something pretty, video games, family, nature, cat, rainbow, wind, fanfiction, video game, poetry, instant noodles, animanga, fashion, friends, angst.

fandom persona 3, tales of vesperia, devil summoner, kingdom hearts, ace attorney, how i met your mother, persona 4, devil survivor, inazuma eleven, durarara!!, .hack//g.u., pokemon, the world ends with you, panty and stocking with garterbelt, ncis, trauma center, fragile dreams, starry
sky, deadman wonderland, are you alice?, dogs: bullets & carnage, cencoroll, summer wars, eureka seven, bones, puella magi madoka magica, di(e)ce, the walking dead, vocaloid, wizards of waverly place, glee.
code inspired by hellas.
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